Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Visiting the Dead

I was admonishing my students today that next time they are in the Federal City they need to make a trip across the river and visit the tomb of Field Marshall Sir John Dill in Arlington National Cemetery (pictured below). Dill did a great deal to preserve the Anglo-American alliance during World War II and a grateful American nation honored him after his death in November 1944 by awarding him the Distinguished Service Medal and allowing him to be buried in Arlington, complete with one of two equestrian statues in the whole place. Virtually everyone visiting Arlington passes Dill's grave. Few notice it.

Sunday, November 2nd, is All Soul's Day, the day the Catholic Church sets aside to pray in a special way for the dead. Traditionally, this has included visiting a cemetery to pray for those interred there. I would encourage all of you - particularly those of you living in or near the Federal City - to take some time out of your Sunday to visit the tombs of the deceased and to pray for them. Though I'll be on the road in the morning, I hope to make a visit to the College Station Cemetery that afternoon.
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