Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just When You Think You've Seen It All...

So I guess it is no secret among those who know me that I like maps. I am the proud owner of a National Geographic Atlas of the World (sixth edition), a massive blue thing that could kill an unsuspecting bystander if you weren't careful.

But now an even more excellent atlas has come to my attention, the Millennium House Earth. With 576 pages, 154 maps, 800 photos and four six-feet by four-feet fold-outs, the leather-bound Earth weighs in at 70 lbs. And costs $3,500.00 There is also a special deluxe edition with gold leather, gold gilding, and gold plated corners. Oh man!

PS Special thanks to CrunchGear and CNN for covering this important product. And to Paul of the Quincy House for telling me about it.
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