Friday, October 17, 2008

Advertising Chicanery

This morning I was listening to Pop Radio, which I will admit that I sometimes do. I could excuse myself and tell you it was to listen for traffic, but I must admit that sometimes I just have an interest in psycho-analyzing the newscasters and what they choose to announce. While I was conducting this 'research' an advertisement came up for a spa that does those essential things such as liposuction, skin lifts, and hair-lasering (note the sarcasm). They proudly announced that in light of the financial crisis no payments would have to be made till October 2009.

Now I ask you- how is anyone's financial crisis going to be lifted if in a year's time they are billed for expenses they couldn't afford and forgot to budget for? Advertisers, as well as many businesses, do not hesitate to capitalize on lending false sympathy to individuals, while trying to deepen their debt.

Whatever happened to advertising as a means to fulfill a need of the public? Whatever happened to businesses who were honest about their products? Whatever happened to the news as a public service? Okay...rant over, perhaps I should lay off the radio.
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