Friday, September 12, 2008

Somehow, It All Works

Thankfully, the presidential election is almost here. I, for one, have gotten rather tired of this campaign season, which started so long ago that no one can seem to remember a time before it was. Yet as much as I'm happy to see this campaign end, and as much as I dislike certain things about all the candidates, can I just say this is a wonderful process?

Every now and then I sit back and realize just want is going on: the citizens of this great republic of ours are considering the candidates and, come November, they will cast their ballots by the millions, electing a president. For most of human history, and indeed around much of the world today, this has been an impossibility, or at best a dream.

So however messy the campaign, and however imperfect the candidate we will elect, this whole thing makes me pretty darn proud to be part of the American experiment in self-government.
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